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Dr Stuart Lorimer & Dr Leighton Seal

From making initial contact by email, to appointments with Dr Lorimer and Dr Seal, I cannot find fault. I was anxious for my first appointment, but within moments of meeting Dr Lorimer I was assured in my decision to engage with the GenderCare services. Dr Lorimer was genuine and considerate: I felt at ease expressing my thoughts, feelings and concerns to him. The same can be said for Dr Seal, whom I met for my second appointment. Dr Seal works on the medical side of transition, he explained everything clearly and thoroughly to me, and I left my appointment feeling secure and confident.

Both Dr Lorimer and Dr Seal exuded warmth and friendliness, whilst maintaining professionalism: I did not feel like a patient, instead, an individual who they respected and listened to. They are both passionate about their life-affirming work, and it is clear to me why GenderCare maintains the reputation of providing the highest standard of care: I could not be happier with my experiences.


I would like to say that my entire experience with GenderCare has been well supported and stress free. I feel completely at ease using the service and I would recommend it highly. I am very grateful that I have been able to make use of such a dedicated and welcoming group of professionals.


Dr Lorimer was absolutely fantastic, I highly recommend him! He is very kind, relaxed and made me feel comfortable. He was very thorough in his assessment, and made sure I was happy with everything, and that I was clear with the plan going forward. Thank you very much!

Joe O'Connor

I found Dr Lorimer very friendly and welcoming, he was very straightforward and to the point. I didn't feel any uncomfortableness of any sort, he was professional yet very easy to talk to and be open with. I would recommend Dr Lorimer to anyone as he has helped me to move a step forward & has found my ideal solution. Very happy, thank you.

(Mr) L.J.

"Stuart Lorimer is a decent, direct and down-to-earth practitioner who treats patients/clients with kindness and respect."

Susannah Clark

Christella Antoni

"Voice therapy with Christella has got to be the nicest reasons to visit a hospital or clinic. Christella is very supportive and understanding of the needs her transgendered clients but this does not mean that time is wasted or there is any lack of purpose.

The first session will usually involve getting a baseline recording and discussing what is needed and what will happen. It has been fascinating chatting with girls who have also received this treatment no two of us have ever taken an identical route. True we have often used similar exercises but in different orders and in different ways. The baseline and the initial chats allow Christella to run a practiced ear and eye over us and decide what needs to be done. The common misconception is that pitch is all whereas it is all the elements of communication from enunciation, vocabulary phraseology and body language which influence how others perceive us.

Expect to be sent away with a series of exercises which will build muscle strength and memory. Do the exercises and you will make rapid progress skimp and it will take longer. Every day I have read and repeated and then after a few weeks returned for the next session. A lovely girly chat during which time the careful ear of Christella is checking for progress and she is assessing how to help the new voice strengthen, develop and become the natural voice. More exercises to practice and more progress. A few times each week I still read passages from women’s magazines out loud to practice and develop my voice and to enhance my vocabulary and use of language.

The result is that my voice does not let me down in any way, I can’t lapse back because this is now my voice. I can give talks and lectures recite poems in public and read in church projecting with ease. The amazing thing is I can hear my new voice and I have started to have singing lessons, I could never have dreamed of holding a tune before. I am more than happy to recommend that anybody who wishes to find their true voice goes to Christella. Do what she says and the result is truly amazing. It is an effort, it does require self discipline but that effort will not be wasted and will be skilfully directed. At the end it is an incredible revelation to hear the baseline recording and then the one you have just made. The difference is staggering and convincing. It even works on the phone which is very challenging as there are no visual or other clues to support your presentation. The only disadvantage to ending the course is that I do miss my visits to chat with Christella."

Heather Jane

"Christella, you were a godsend at a difficult time for me. You helped me physically with getting my voice back and also lifted my spirits and gave me confidence that I had lost and I dont think I'd be where I am right now if I didnt have your guidance."

Miss S.V

"Thank you for all the help, support and time you have given me, plus your patience of course! I find it hard to convey how much confidence our sessions have given me and countinue to do so. Apart from the learning, I did so enjoy talking to you."

Ms D.W

Dr Penny Lenihan

"I first saw Dr Lenihan who is totally professional and trustworthy and has absolute integrity."


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