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Christella Antoni
Consultant Speech & Language Therapist
Senior Voice Specialist

Christella Antoni
Voice & Speech Services

At Christella Antoni & Associates Voice & Speech Services, we offer highly specialised services for trans and gender diverse individuals. The Antoni Method voice modification systems have been developed over Christella's long career as a speech & Language Therapist. Qualifying in 1995 with an MSc in Speech & Language Therapy & Pathology, Christella's posts included 15 years as Lead voice Clinician for voice at Charing Cross Gender Clinic (NHS), working with an extensive array of trans voices and gender specialists. Additionally, she co-ran the Joint Voice Clinic at the Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) department, including management of pre and post surgical voice.

The aim of the practice is to offer highest level voice services to clients. As well as Christella, there are 5 selected associate therapists, specifically trained by Christella in the Antoni Method of voice modification systems. The programmes are designed to maximally assist clients through their voice journey, both in terms of the level of voice change they are seeking and in terms of supporting them through the process.

The Antoni Method voice programme evidence progress made by clients as they are taken through their treatment. A range of pre and post treatment voice samples are available via our website. These results have been achieved with our voice programme alone (no surgical interventions). Samples are included below.

Voice Feminisation Samples - Christella Antoni Voice and Speech Services


We offer online and in-person appointments, including evenings and weekend appointments. These can be booked directly using our online booking service, via our website.

We are also happy to book appointments for clients. Please send your appointment or information requests to:

Christella Antoni & Associates practice team:

Lead Clinician: Christella Antoni, B.A Hons., MSc, HCPC, MRCSLT, MASLTIP.
Associate Clinicians: Nikki Milojevic, BA Hons., RSA Dip TEFLA, PG Dip RCSLT, MSc., HCPC, MRCSLT, MASLTIP
Sophie Cooper, MA (Oxon) MSc (MRCSLT MHCPC)
Katy Salt
Sarah Rabin, BSc, Cert MRCSLT
Sarah Rimmer, MSc

You can view the clinicians profiles and our fees here:
Fees & Clinician Profiles - Christella Antoni Voice and Speech Services

YouTube: Christella Antoni - YouTube

On our Website, you can also find details on Christella's publications, TV radio and other media work.

Information for clients seeking to develop feminine or masculine voice. We have included a list of frequently asked questions below:

Q: Can I begin voice modification if I'm not yet living in my desired gender/not yet socially transitioned?
A: Yes. Voice work can begin at any stage of gender transition. Some people may find it easier when they have already begun their journey; others may wish to develop their voice earlier. Our experienced clinicians can guide each individual client according to their individual circumstances at their initial consultation. The timing for follow up sessions can be planned/suggested at the initial consultation.
Q: What effect does Oestrogen hormone therapy have on the voice?
A: Unfortunately, Oestrogen has no significant impact on the voice or larynx, once a person has gone through puberty?
Q: What effect does Testosterone hormone therapy have on the voice?
A: Testosterone thickens the vocal cords which lowers the voice. This happens to varying effects on each individual. Many trans masculine clients achieve the vocal outcomes they are seeking with testosterone treatment alone. For those seeking increased voice masculinisation, working with a voice therapist can be very helpful in terms of resonance development, lowering pitch further and achieving a comfortable voice.
Q: Will my voice sound natural?
A: The aim of the therapy is to achieve an authentic, comfortable, natural sounding voice. This develops as the treatment progresses. Treatment outcomes gathered in our service indicate the majority of our clients achieved or exceeded the outcomes they were seeking.
Q: Will I need voice surgery as well as speech therapy to achieve a female voice?
A: Approximately 90% of our clients do not progress to voice surgery after completing our core voice Feminisation programme (Antoni Method). However, we do work with clients both pre and post voice surgically if clients have opted for voice surgery. Voice surgery primarily alters pitch whilst therapy works to modify many other aspects also including resonance and intonation. Crucially, specialist voice therapy supports the person through voice change and helps them develop confidence using their voice.
Q: How many sessions of voice therapy will I need?
A: Developing lasting female voice: Our core voice feminisation programme has 12 sessions. Some clients will achieve their goals in less sessions, some may wish to have additional sessions.
A: Developing consistent masculine voice: Our core voice masculinisation programme has 8 sessions. Some clients achieve their goals in less sessions. Some clients may wish for additional sessions, particularly if they also have vocal hoarseness or wish to work on singing voice.
Q: Can I refer myself for private trans voice therapy/ Speech & Language Therapy?
A: Yes. You can do this at any point in your transition.
Q: Is trans voice therapy available on the NHS?
A: Yes. Many gender clinics and regional services offer trans voice therapy. Services have increased significantly but unfortunately, demand currently far outweighs supply. Waiting times vary but can up to three years in some services. The amount of sessions varies, typically 4-6 sessions are offered. NHS sessions may be may individual one to one sessions, group sessions or a mixture of both. Your G.P can refer you for NHS speech therapy in your local area. If you are under a NHS national gender clinic your gender doctor can refer you for NHS speech and language therapy. You are able to have both NHS and private voice therapy, providing the clinicians are not the same person or from the same service.
Q: Can I start voice feminisation/ voice masculinisation with a private Speech and Language Therapist while I am waiting to be seen by an NHS Therapist?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it possible to achieve a fully feminine/ masculine voice?
A: Yes. Our outcome data shows this has been possible for thousands of our clients. The treatment programme needs to be targeted and delivered by expert level practitioners who can adequately support clients through their voice change/development. Some clients find it much easier than expected and achieve goals quickly. Others may be more challenged and require additional support. However, experienced clinicians are used to the varying levels of challenge clients may experience.
Q: Is it possible to change my singing voice?
A: Yes. Our service has developed programmes to assist with this. The level of voice change often depends on the level of input each individual puts into modifying their singing voice, as well as other aspects such as level of previous singing ability. For those who wish to work on singing voice Christella recommends working on this after working on spoken voice.
Q: Can a non binary person seeking some/mild level of voice change have voice therapy?
A: Yes. It is possible to modify voice to the level that currently works for you e.g. some individuals may seek to develop a part modified or gender neutral type voice that may better fit their gender identity.
For information, fee structure or to make a booking,
please see our website:
For correspondence to Christella Antoni please email:
or telephone: 07710 006511
Email requests preferred as these can be responded to more quickly.
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