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Dr Robin Dundas
BA (Hons), DCounsPsych, CPsychol, HCPC Registered
Chartered psychologist and Gender Specialist

Please note that we are currently offering online appointments only.

Dr Leighton J Seal
I am a Health Care Professions Council Registered and British Psychological Society Chartered Psychologist and Gender Specialist with over ten years' experience as a psychological therapist. In addition to my private practice, I worked for many years as a senior gender specialist and therapist at Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic. I have published work in the field of trans* psychology and have a particular interest in researching and combatting the effects of shame and social stigma on trans people. This subject was the focus of my doctoral thesis and later publications.

Currently, I offer assessment and psychological endorsement (where appropriate) for clients to access medical aspects of transition, including hormone therapy, chest surgery and genital surgeries online.

Please note that I don't currently offer psychotherapy sessions.

Assessment for medical treatment/transition:

In terms of assessment for medical treatment, I offer an open, confidential and affirmative space to find out more about the whole of you as a person; how this relates to your gender feelings and identity and any related distress/and or confusion you might be experiencing. Based on the information you provide me with, I will tailor a care plan with you, specific to your needs as an individual and your life circumstances; this can include diagnosis of gender incongruence and appropriate referrals and recommendations for desired medical or other treatments, where appropriate. In order to ensure best practice, I work from the Royal College of Psychiatry and World Professional Association for Transgender Health guidelines for the treatment of gender dysphoria. I also draw from years of experience working within NHS gender services.

In carrying out this work for clients, I'm highly aware of the social and political challenges of gender transition and transgender identity, and am sensitive to this in my work with trans clients. I feel very privileged to have worked across a huge diversity of people at all points on the gender spectrum during my career and am open to and affirmative of all gender identities and presentations.

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