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Contact GenderCare

By post
Box 39
101 Clapham High Street

By email
Firstly, choose a clinician and email them directly.

Please do the following:

Check the FAQ page - your query may be answered there.

Title your email ENQUIRY.

Provide us with this information, if you can:

1 What name do you prefer to be known by (when we meet you and/or in written reports)?
Have you made an official name change, for example, via
2 How old are you?
3 Have you used other gender services, private or NHS?
4 Are you living, day to day, as you'd like to live, gender-wise? If not, what needs to change?
5 What do you do during the day (work, study, social activity)?
6 Are those close to you (family, friends, partners, colleagues) aware of your gender circumstances? Do they support your plans?
7 Have you had any treatment for physical or mental health conditions?
8 What's your objective in approaching GenderCare – what would you like from us?

Try to be patient! We will get back to you by email as soon as we can but, during especially busy periods, this may take several days.

By telephone
Email is the best and quickest way to contact us, but a telephone message can be left on 07805 150909.

For more information please choose a clinician and email them directly, or telephone 07805 150909
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