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Please note that many of the services offered by GenderCare clinicians have changed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. If in doubt, please check with the relevant clinician(s) and check the GenderCare Facebook page
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Welcome to the GenderCare website

Dr Stuart Lorimer
Dr Stuart Lorimer
MBChB, MRCPsych.

Consultant Psychiatrist and
Senior Gender Specialist
Christella Antoni
Christella Antoni
BA (Hons), MSc, MRCSLT.

Consultant Speech &
Language Therapist
Dr Leighton Seal
Dr Leighton J Seal
MBBS (Hons), FRCP, PhD.
Consultant Endocrinologist and
Senior Gender Specialist

Dr Robin Dundas
Dr Robin Dundas
BA (Hons), DCounsPsych, CPsychol,
HCPC Registered.
Chartered psychologist
and Gender Specialist
Dr Vikinjeet Bhatia
Dr Vikinjeet Bhatia

Consultant Psychiatrist and
Gender Specialist

Certificate in Quality Improvement
with Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Dr Robin Dundas
Dr Jonny Coxon
BM, BCh (Hons), MA,
GP and Specialist in
Gender and Sexual Medicine
Matthew Mills
Matthew Mills
BA (Hons) MSc, AGSM LTCL Mus Ed. Reg. HCPC cert. MRCSLT

Consultant Speech &
Language Therapist

Dr Peter Hammond
Dr Peter Hammond

Consultant Endocrinologist
Matthew Mills
Dr King Sun Leong
BMedSci(Hons). BMBS. DM. FRCP.
Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology.
Matthew Mills
Dr Richard Quinton MA, MD, FRCP(E)
Consultant Endocrinologist
Dr Christine Mimnagh
Dr Christine Mimnagh,
MB ChB, MSc, PG Cert (GP Education), FRCGP
Specialising in General Practice and Gender Identity Medicine

GenderCare is a network of individual healthcare practitioners, all qualified professionals experienced in the gender field.

Although working independently of one another, we share a general commitment to providing friendly, accessible private services, tailored to individual needs and timescales, in a variety of comfortable London settings. We work flexibly within national and international guidelines of best practice.

The GenderCare network includes:

Dr Stuart Lorimer is one of the UK’s foremost clinical specialists in the diagnosis and management of gender dysphoria.
Christella Antoni is the UK’s leading specialist in this field, offering vocal feminisation/masculinisation. She has extensive experience with all voice and speech issues, and has successfully helped in the modification of thousands of voices, enabling individuals to integrate socially in their preferred gender.
Dr Leighton Seal is one of the UK’s most expert clinicians in the hormones of sex and gender.
Dr Robin Dundas: Chartered psychologist.
Dr Vikinjeet Bhatia: Consultant Psychiatrist and specialist gender clinician.
Dr Jonny Coxon: GP and Specialist in Gender and Sexual Medicine.
Matthew Mills: Consultant Speech and Language Therapist.
Dr Peter Hammond: Consultant Endocrinologist.
Dr King Sun Leong: Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology.
Dr Richard Quinton: Consultant Endocrinologist.
Dr Christine Mimnagh: Specialising in General Practice and Gender Identity Medicine

As clinicians, each of us operates within a wider network of professionals and we are able to access and refer to colleagues in Clinical Psychology, Surgery, etc.

Gender Dysphoria
Gender dysphoria is a term describing the distress and discontent experienced by people whose psychological gender is at odds with aspects of their outward physical sex. Such people might identify as gender variant, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, genderqueer, androgyne, neutrois or other. Sometimes, the distress is so strong that they undergo transition from one point on the gender continuum to another. This typically involves changes to social role and presentation, and may necessitate taking sex hormones or having gender related surgery.

Gender Incongruence
Gender incongruence is a newer term, gradually replacing gender dysphoria.

Services include (but are not limited to) the following:
Assessment, monitoring and treatment of gender dysphoria.
Advice on the physical, psychological and social elements of gender transition.
Supportive counselling.
Expert hormone advice.
Recommendation of sex hormones.
Assessment of eligibility and readiness for gender related surgery, including surgical referral where appropriate.
Provision of Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) reports.
Voice therapy.
Referral to other professionals, as needed.
For more information please
choose a clinician and email them directly
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